Fulfilling Each Movement


Bella, the West Highland Terrier who works in my studio, inspired me to write today about fulfilling each movement. Bella has her own favorite Pilates exercises and I love watching how she milks every movement for all it’s worth. I can walk toward her treat jar or open the back door, but she will not move until she’s fulfilled each and every movement. First, she slowly extends her front legs and lowers her upper body into Shell Stretch. Then (and...

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Opening Your Inner and Outer Circles

Woman on reformer equipment

In exercises where you roll back off your sits bones (like Half Roll Back on the mat or box) it’s easy to simply tuck the pelvis and follow the natural momentum of rocking back toward the sacrum and lower back. But I’ve often experienced a “sinking feeling” as I roll into that curve. My ribs and hips travel toward each other at warp speed and I end up looking like a squished Slinky. Not exactly the Pilates look I’m going...

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