Let Your Breath Drive Your Movement

Valya Karcher

The slower you go the faster you will see results. The best thing I’ve found that slows me down is my breath. Inhale slowly to a 4 or 5 count and exhale the same. Let your breath be the force that moves your body through your Pilates workout.

Instead of arms and legs racing out of the starting gate first, think breath. Just like your car needs to fill up with gas before it can run, your lungs also need to fill up so your body can move. When you get into the rhythm of breathing first and then moving, you’ve stabilized your spine and set your alignment because that is at the heart of the Pilates breath.

As you practice breathing then moving you’ll find that your Pilates workout will flow with greater ease and strength. Put your breath to work for you and enjoy the results of a body that is more flexible, responsive and strong.

Keep breathing,