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I’ve been attending classes at Pure Pilates for about two months. I came to Valya’s studio after a lifetime of foot and knee pain. I’d had several rounds of physical therapy and many different treatments for advanced osteoarthritis, chronic plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, and strained ligaments. While I’d get temporary relief following the treatments, the pain never fully subsided and always returned as bad or worse than before. Other exercise regimens either had no effect or worsened the issues. Although the Pure Pilates workout never specifically focused on my foot issues, the stretching and strengthening of the foot has alleviated all foot pain. As for the knees, due to the arthritis there will always be pain, but the levels of pain have dropped significantly, swelling has been reduced, and my range of motion has dramatically improved. Coming to Valya’s studio has literally been a life changing experience. I wish I’d made my way to her warm and welcoming home years ago.” — Janelle Kennedy

It’s amazing how a simple invitation from a dear friend can change your life in such dramatic ways. While home in October 2013 taking care of my Mother after a third surgery in the last three years my friend invited me to a Pilates class. I said ok – thinking I was going to a class that meant working on a mat with huge balls. That was my entire knowledge of Pilates. I had no clue how my life was about to change.

My first class on the reformer and I was hooked. My friend only had time for one class a week but being a retiree I was able to go as many times as I could get into an available space and I did.” — Lou Ann Duffy Trent

As an active athlete in my teens and twenties, my body absorbed a tremendous amount of physical punishment, culminating in six knee surgeries and one back surgery for a herniated disk. For the next 20 years, I lived in near constant pain, which kept me from a regular exercise regimen. Who wants to work out when they are in pain? Fortunately, in January 2013 I found Valya and Pure Pilates. Valya is warm, patient, and works with the whole person, encouraging you to listen to your body. She possesses extensive knowledge of the practice of reformer Pilates, providing her clients with consistent coaching, positive feedback, and challenging, yet easy to master, sequences. Her enthusiastic commitment to her craft and her clients’ success is the foundation for the healthier life I now live. I sleep better, am happier, stronger, more flexible, and seem to only have pain when I miss my workouts with Valya. My husband has recently commented that I don’t complain about back pain anymore. I am addicted to Pure Pilates and I recommend working with Valya whole-heartedly!” — Kara Hayes

I am a 64 year old woman who has been doing Pilates under Valya’s tutlege for about 16 months now. I still don’t have the body of a 24 year old, but am amazed at the muscle tone, flexibility, and strength I see in myself now. Valya worked with me through the beginning “I’m too old for this” stage, showing me ways to adapt the moves for my own needs and adding to each stage as I got stronger and fitter. Now, I look forward to each work out… they are still tough some days… but would give a thumbs up to anyone considering Pilates with Valya! It is worth the time and effort.” — Susan D. Hilton

Having never worked with the pilates reformer, I decided to give it a try by committing to 20 classes…. attending 2-3 days per week. I can honestly say that I am hooked! I not only feel stronger but have noticed a more sculpted body transformation than from working out with weights alone, which created more bulk than lean muscle definition. Having suffered from restless leg syndrome for years, I can honestly say I no longer have the discomfort at night of having to stretch out my legs! The pilates reformer stretches and shapes your muscles using resistance training which allows for optimum stretch. Valya’s professionalism and wonderful personality make going to work out fun! She will continually challenge you so that you see amazing results in a short amount of time. I have just renewed my membership for another 20 classes and I can’t wait to see the results!!” — Yvette Sato