Valya’s Pilates story began in 1996 with personal training in the Stott Pilates method. She is certified through PHI Pilates and is a member of The Pilates Method Alliance.

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PURE PILATES is the only equipment-based Pilates studio in the Fredericksburg area. At PURE PILATES you will practice deep, healthy breathing techniques that are the key to sculpting a strong body from the inside-out. Valya’s mantra, the slower you go the quicker you will see results, is true for firming abdominals, toning arms and legs and slimming hips and thighs. Other components of the Pure Pilates method are strength and flexibility, particularly of the abdominal and back muscles, and coordination—both muscular and mental. Whether you’re stepping up your fitness practice or taking the first steps toward making movement a part of the rest of your life, you will see that our Pilates classes provide a strong foundation to build a healthy lifestyle.

The Pure Pilates difference will make you look and feel your best at any age.