A Delicate Balance

Woman on balanced body equipment

I’ve talked about zipping up your powerhouse and sliding your shoulders down your back – both of which bring power into your powerhouse. But there’s a balancing of that energy that’s the hallmark of the “Pilates body.” If too much energy is going up the zipper there may be back extension, with the spine arching slightly backward. Too much energy pulling the shoulders down has the same effect.

Several years ago I participated in a posture workshop where we had “before and after” pictures taken. Of course, being a Pilates Instructor I stood very tall and very sure of my beautiful Pilates posture. Imagine my surprise when I saw my picture! It looked like a strong wind was blowing me backwards! That’s when I became aware that there’s a delicate balance between the “zip up” and the “slide down.”

Just for fun, stand with your very best Pilates posture and have someone take your picture. May the wind hold you in perfect balance!

Keep breathing,