A Daily Practice of Aligning Your Spine

Valya Karcher

I tell new clients that the first thing they’ll need to adjust after their first Pilates workout is their rear view mirror. How can you sit all scrunched down after you have felt the relief of lengthening your muscles and re-aligning your spine?

I have a daily practice of aligning my spine that I’m hardly ever aware of, except to say that it feels good! Since I started doing Pilates I’m more aware of tension surfacing in my body, especially after sitting at the computer. I find that my body craves the occasional side bend, shoulder shrug or reaching my arms above my head and stretching and twisting my spine. (I can’t even write that sentence without my body saying, “Well, what are you waiting for?”)

I have morning stretches even before my feet hit the floor and evening stretches that release the day. I like to think that every body has its signature stretches. You already know yours, so listen within and go with the flow of your daily practice of aligning your spine.

Keep breathing,